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A Thousand Dreams

Why are my victims so unwilling?

What's with all the screaming?

Once upon a time in a place far way, known to its inhabitants as Ivalice, there lived a couple of people who, for various reasons, needed to get away. And separately from each other, they found a way to cross dimensions and landed in one specific spot, a shabby apartment in Amsterdam. What they found there first and foremost was respite, space to breathe, relax and think. This is what they are doing. It's relatively easy for them to move back and forth, and it really helps to have a safe haven to return to. And that place has hi-speed internet too!

One by one pieces of the puzzle emerge. We know that Élie, the first to cross over, is a black mage. His father, a powerful demon lord, is plotting for ways to use his son as a bargaining chip in convoluted political games. There have been rumours about a felicitous marriage. Élie does not really know what he wants out of life, but he knows he wants to make up his own mind about it.

Luc was the second to make the connection with this world. It was at a low point in his life. All he ever wanted to be was a mathematician, a scholar. However, his uncle, a renowned white mage, found out that Luc is very talented in that field as well, and took it for granted that was the road he wished to take. Who does not want to help and heal others? Luc tried to do both, of course he wanted to help people, yet math is so fascinating and all-absorbing. One day he was the first on the scene of a horrible accident, and not having the skills to do enough, having to call on his uncle, he found himself on the receiving end of the mage's anger and ultimatum. He was to give up his other pursuits and dedicate himself to the craft. So far this has been and impossible decision. All he wants is math, but the guilt won't be silenced so easily.

Third to make the interdimensional jump is Ng ye. She is silent about what she left behind. She indulges in playing dress up, and endless reading. Her story will come out in the fullness of time.

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